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If you follow my site over time you`ll realize there is quite some energy I put into work in Africa, the southwest of the United States and northern Europe. Due to the restrictions to travel in recent years I learned about the beauty of my surroundings. There is a small swamp not far from the city of Salzburg which I visited a couple of times in the last months.  In the summer you are able to spot birds of prey, different species of waders and the usual pack of ducks and geese. Now, in the winter months the mood of the light often changes rapidly while it is very quiet – what an experience! 

Richard Witzko Images


„I have the desire to photograph. I go out with my camera. I come across something that excites me emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically. I see the photograph in my mind`s eye and I compose and expose the negative. I give you the print as the equivalent of what I saw and felt.
As with all art, the photographer`s objective is not the duplication of visual reality. Photographic images cannot avoid being accurate optically, as lenses are used. However, they depart from reality in direct relation to the placement of the camera before the subject, the lens choosen, the film and filters, the exposure indicated, the related development and printing; all of course, relating to what the photographer visualizes.“ 

Alfred Stieglitz/Ansel Adams 1933